Why People Should Watch Horror Films

Horror films have become quite integrated into American society. Nearly every adult has watched a scary movie at some point in their lives. Different people react to these films in various ways. Some people are utterly repulsed and swear them off entirely. Others begin watching apprehensively and become more in sync with the passing of time. Then there are people who genuinely love terror and cannot get enough of it. Despite the psychopathic characters, jump scares, and startling images that accompany disturbing soundtracks, horror films have their merits and there are many reasons to watch them.

For starters, horror movies can serve as amazing examples of the steps one should not take when confronted with peril. One of the common mistakes that characters in horror films make is splitting up when attempting to locate and neutralize the bad guy. Splitting up is the worst thing to do in a time of crisis. Divided individuals are weaker and easier to conquer than a strong, united front. There is a saying: “united we stand, divided we fall.” This phrase is never more applicable than in horror films. In virtually every storyline, viewers have witnessed the characters be taken off one by one, a fatality that could have been easily avoided with the slightest bit of precaution and forethought.

Another valuable lesson to be learned from horror movies is this: do not go looking for trouble or else you might just find it. In nearly every scary film, either the main character or supporting character takes part in foolery by refusing to leave well enough alone. Using an ouija board, summoning demons “for fun”, and bringing demonic relics into one’s home is literally begging for trouble. Many hauntings and deaths could have easily been prevented had the characters used common sense. Watching a horror movie is likely to drive this point home if the viewer puts an adequate amount of thought into the storyline.

It also has been reported that watching horror films can actually be healthy. According to one study, horror movie viewers have the potential to burn up to 200 calories while viewing a disturbing film. The loss of calories can serve as a form of exercise depending on one’s outlook. If someone is attempting to burn a certain amount of fat each day, watching a scary movie could be a viable option.

Another great reason to watch horror movies is the fact that they rid viewers of their fear and breed a certain degree of immunity. After seeing people get stabbed, strangled, or possessed so many times, the element of shock wears off and the visuals become more tolerable. The heart stopping suspense decreases significantly and this gradual feeling can be very empowering and emboldening. Apparently, there are more merits than downsides to viewing a horror film every once in awhile.

It is up to each and every individual to decide whether or not they wish to view horror movies. Should they make the decision to take the plunge, there are plenty of options, some of which date back decades. Scary films have always been a favorite American pastime in the cinema. Each year, several new terrifying flicks make their debut. If you aspire to learn valuable lessons, burn some unwanted calories, or face your fears, a scary film might be just what the doctor ordered.