The Analysis of the Annabelle Doll

The Annabelle doll is arguably one of the most terrifying and evil haunted dolls to ever feature in a movie. Annabelle is not only demonic and disturbing, but the manner in which she strikes upon her victims is slow, painful, and torturous. The chronicles of Annabelle serve as a spin off to the Conjuring films. Upon careful study, Ed and Lorraine Warren determined that Annabelle was possessed by a dangerous, malevolent entity and should be locked away for the safety and well being of all parties involved. A second Annabelle movie is scheduled to debut later this year.

Annabelle is believed to have become haunted by the spirit of a satanic woman known as Annabelle Higgins. When Annabelle and her boyfriend attempted to murder a couple and sacrifice their souls to Satan, they were thwarted by police officers. Right before they could be arrested, Annabelle slit her own throat and a drop of blood fell into Annabelle’s eye, thus possessing it with the evil of the demonic woman.

The newly possessed doll serves to be as deadly and evil as the woman before her. Annabelle terrorizes the family and their newborn daughter, causing frightening occurrences like fires, confusion, and familial disconnect. Annabelle also threatens the livelihood of any person who seeks to free the family from her evil clutches. In the 2014 film, Annabelle engenders the near death of a Pastor and attempts to steal the soul of a newborn baby.

Like other demonic entities in horror films, Annabelle is a sick and sadistic being that takes pleasure in terrifying innocent people and claiming their souls. Annabelle’s physical appearance is additionally as disturbing as her actions. Her “skin” appears pale and shallow, while her eyes obtain a dark look, devoid of any ounce of humanity. Annabelle cannot be burned, thrown away, or otherwise discarded. She continuously resurfaces to cause more havoc and claim additional souls.

The pathology of Annabelle is noticeable in her determination to prey on the weak. Her spirit is sociopathic, psychopathic, and malignantly narcissistic. Throughout her screentime, Annabelle sought out the souls of the weak and the innocent. Her spirit cannot be bargained with or reasoned with. She fears off of the fear of her victims and rather than immediately orchestrating outright attacks, she waits until her targets have their guards down before slyly striking. Only towards the very end does she play all her cards and come out with full force.

Annabelle is quite the formidable foe and not an entity to be trifled with. She is not above murdering babies, Pastors, or anyone else who she deems unfit. The best way to save oneself from Annabelle is to avoid all contact with the doll in which her spirit resides. Likewise, it is wise not to seek out trouble or contact with the supernatural. Annabelle has no qualms with using her demonic gifts to slowly terrorize her victims into madness before putting them down. Intentionally seeking contact with her may open a door that one would wish to close, but by that point, it will have been woefully too late.

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